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"In Ever loving Memory of John James Charman. The Dearly Beloved Son of Mary and (the late) Solomon G. Charman, who lost his life on his first voyage through the foundering of the S.S."Titanic" on April 15th 1912. Aged 26 Years".
(from a Memorial card)

Everyone knows about the passengers, but did you know that an estimated 885 crew members were onboard Titanic as well? One of them was John James Charman of Horsham, England. On April 20th, 1912, the West Sussex County Times read:
"Titanic Disaster. Mr. John Charman, 25, 2nd class steward of Horsham (whose mother lives at Burford Rd.) was one of the crew of the ill-fated vessel."

You can find detailed information about the Charman / Titanic connection in a letter that I received from John Charman of Haywards Heath, West Sussex in September of 1999. You can read a copy of the letter by clicking here. If you would like to see the Charman name in the complete listing of the Titanic crew, just click here.