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Here are a few links to "Charman" connections that I have found while surfing & searching the Internet:
The Titanic connection. Titanic
The Charman Optical Company. Camera
The American Civil War connection. American Civil War
The Academy Awards connection. Oscar
Kate Charman - Model Picture of Kate
Team Charman Kart Racing Team Charman Logo
Charman reunited after 65-year search! Eric Charman & Mother
Made in New Zealand, excellent quality.
CHARMAN - THE MOVIE The chilling horror/suspense film.
Someone had to do this one!
THE "CHAR-MAN" "Local Legend of the Ojai Valley"
CHARMAN "one who drove a vehicle used to transport goods"
CHARMAN "Female Name of Greek Origin?"
The Pokemon connection?
With their flaming tail, Charmander are tough Pokémon to handle, even for a skilled trainer. Starting a new game with a Charmander can be difficult, but if you can harness its power, the effort will pay off in early battles. If used correctly, they will evolve into Charmeleon and Charizard.

TYPE: Fire
HEIGHT: .6 m
WEIGHT: 8.5 kg
EVOLUTION: Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard
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