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Alfred Charman - (Connecticut, USA)
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Hello. My name Alfred Joseph Mac Donald Charman, III of Farmington, Connecticut, United States. I was born 28 Jun 1969. I am the only son of Alfred Joseph Charman, II & Jeannette Louise Charman nee Tallis of Suffield, Connecticut. My father, Alfred, was born 11 Nov 1931 in New Haven, Connecticut, and is a professor of geology. His father was Alfred Sydney Charman, born in England, date unknown, died 1976. He was married to Anna McNulty.

Alfred Sydney had one brother, Jack (deceased), who had two daughters, Eileen & Frances. Both women live in Milford, Connecticut. They are, as far as I know, the only relative in our area of the country. The Charman name is extremely rare here. I was thrilled to discover your site.

Jean E. Hickey - (USA)
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My father's paternal grandmother was Annie Fanny CHARMAN, daughter of John CHARMAN and Mary PEERLESS.

I have traced back as far as her CHARMAN grandparents and can send the whole lot if you'd like. This family has quite a few confusing aspects so is very fun to research although I haven't made much headway. Her family is from England (I think Surrey but need to check my notes).

John CHARMAN a labourer m. Mary (last name unknown) around 1830 in England, most likely in Surrey.

John and Mary had the following children in Kennington, Surrey, England and all the children were baptized at Saint Mark's church in Kennington:

1. John Thomas William b. 5 Feb 1832, Greyhound Place

2. Richard b. 7 Jan 1835, Greyhound Place

3. Mary b. 7 Jan 1835, Greyhound Place

4. Joseph b. 1838

5. William b. 25 Oct 1840, Alfred Street

6. Thomas b. 1843

7. James b. 1845

8. Margaret b. 27 Jan 1847, Alfred Street

9. George Henry b. 26 Nov 1849, Ely Place

10. Mary Jane b. 12 June 1850, Ely Place

*1. John Thomas William CHARMAN a green grocer m. Mary PEERLESS / PEARLESS on 16 May 1855 in the parish church of Clapham, Surrey, England. They had the following children:

Elizabeth Mary b. 1856

Mary Standing b. 1857

Annie Fanny b. 1859

John William b. 1861

John Thomas William CHARMAN committed suicide on 16 June 1863. It is believed that his wife remarried to someone named FRANCIS and had at least one other child named Nellie. John Thomas William's daughter, Annie Fanny CHARMAN, married Edwin EMERY in 1880 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1880.

Added 1/15/1998:

Hi, I stopped by to check out your page again and enjoyed it. So far no links to my own CHARMAN line but one day who knows!

I am trying to clean up my genealogy mess which was once so organized and came across an International Registry of CHARMAN names and addresses around the globe. It is too much to copy for others and was copied for me by a wonderful CHARMAN researcher in England back in Feb '97. I could probably make one copy for you if you are interested in keeping it or you can let people know that I have it and for a fee (copying and postage) I can make copies.

Life is hectic right now as I am sure it is for you too but it would probably be easiest to send the whole lot on to you for safe keeping and future dissemination. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again for the CHARMAN family page!

Jean E. Hickey

Mike Charman - (USA)
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Michael Richard Charman, dob 07 June 1940, Indianapolis, Indiana USA children:Michael guy, deceased, Jennifer,teacher, Michele, student Ohio state, jayne, employed with fitzer, john, student Ohio state, and Melissa, student at Arizona state university. grandfather Ernest Charman, from England,grandmother Lillian Charman, from Ireland, father john Ernest, deceased and mother Elsie bull Charman, living in Florida Michael r. Charman, owner of Charman enterprises, Eaton, Indiana. have no idea of when, where, what, why or how we came to be in Indiana. some how believe relatives around the Sarnia area of Canada. happy to be aboard the Charman family tree. hope to hear from you.

William O. Charman - (USA)
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My name is William O. Charman (Bill). I live in Boston, MA, although I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a venture capitalist in Boston, married with a new baby. My family comes from Cleveland. My father Walter Miller Charman Jr. was born in Youngstown, Ohio. His father, Walter Sr. was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, where I believe some Charmans have been for quite some time. My great grandfather, and some of his ancestors were university professors, and he was an engineering Prof. at Rose Polytechnic Institute in Terre Haute.

My grandfather moved to Youngstown just after W.W.I to work for Youngstown Sheet & Tube, then the largest steel company in the world. He moved his family to Cleveland in the 30's, and started Ferro Engineering Corp., which was bought by Oglebay Norton, a NYSE-listed iron ore mining and shipping concern. My grandfather worked for Oglebay Norton for many years, as did my father. You may have heard of the Edmond Fitzgerald, the ore boat that sank in Lake Superior, about which Gordon Lightfoot wrote a pop song in the 70's. That was an Oglebay boat.

We met some Charmans 20 years ago on a trip to Victoria, BC. There was a real estate agency in Victoria with our name. My wife and met several Charmans when we moved to London, England. As a matter of fact, it was amazing to see two entire pages of Charmans in the London phone book.

There are also several Charmans in New Have, CT, although I have very few direct relatives with whom I am acquainted. A John Charman was the man who led the 1993 Lloyds of London revolt that led to the recent reorganization of Lloyds that allow corporate "names" to join Lloyds.

I have a brother Peter who lives in Chattanooga, TN.
His email address is: pcharman@voyageronline.net

Chris Charman - (Oakland, California, USA)
E-mail: charman@inference.com

Just wanted to let you know that I've linked your site from mine:
To find the link, choose "Personal" from the top menu, then "Family" from the left-hand menu.

I think I sent you some information about MY Charman family before, but in case I didn't...

My name is Chris Charman. I'm the second son of Howard Prentis Charman and Linda Charman. My paternal grandparents are Howard Ross ("Bill") Charman and Martha Mossholder Charman. My great-grandfather was also Howard Ross Charman, who came to California from Ohio in the mid-to-late 1800's. I'll send you a more detailed family tree at some later time - my grandparents were amateur historians, and my dad has fairly detailed records stored in his garage in San Diego.

My wife and I are expecting to add to the Charman clan with our first child, due sometime in late February or early March of next year.


Allen K. Hoe, Esq. - (Honolulu, Hawaii)
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My name is Allen K. Hoe, I am an attorney here in Honolulu, Hawaii. I would like to share some information on my great-great grandfather, George Charman. historically the following information was obtained from his obituary dated January 11, 1892. "We have to record the death of Mr. George Charman, who passed quietly away from us at Koloa, Kauai on January 5th at 10 minutes to 4 a.m. Mr. Charman, or "old keoki" as he was familiarly called by the natives, was born at Shoreham, Sussex, England on May 2, 1814 and came to Lahaina, Maui after having been picked up in an open boat with a few others who have since passed away. He was one of the crew of the Whaler James Corwin, the vessel which was set on fire by the cook, who after having set fire to the ship cut his throat and was thrown overboard by some of the crew. His generosity was boundless and he will be greatly missed at Koloa where he has left a widow, one daughter, Mrs. Lydia A.B.Miller, and two sons Henry and William, and 19 grandchildren. His death was occasioned by pneumonia. He was long a sufferer, However being taken sick on Wednesday, December 30th, and was ill only a week to the time of his death. We believe he came to the islands somewhere about 1837 or 1838 and was about 55 years on the islands, having spent nearly all his life at Koloa. Old Keoki comes from a long-lived family and only last week he received a letter with a lock of hair from his brother who now glories in his 92nd year. Although he was not a member of the church, he followed it regularly and his pocket was ever open for its good purposes.

Koloa, January 8, 1892."

at the time of his arrival in Hawaii, Lahaina Maui was a major Whaling port where whaling ships and crews would come for rest and repair. He apparently decided to make Hawaii his home and in keeping with the requirements of the Kingdom of Hawaii for a marriage license to wed a Hawaiian subject he was required to become a naturalized citizen of the kingdom. Thus on November 9, 1844 he applied for and was granted citizenship as a subject of the Hawaiian Kingdom. In his certificate he declared himself to be a Native of Brighton, England.

In other written references to George Charman, one article describes the brand he used for his cattle as being the #45. This number was taken from an old milestone marker opposite his family home in England.

I would love to hear from anyone regarding this line of Charmans. In looking at some of the family history it is interesting to note the commonality of certain given names within the family lines. George, Henry, William as well as Lydia.

Allen K. Hoe, Esq.
P.O. Box 3589
Honolulu, Hawaii 96811
(808)521-6927 fax. (808) 599-5197
e-mail. <ahoe@pixi.com>

Eugene (Gene) Charman - (Connecticut, USA)
E-mail: echarman@connix.com

25 February 1999

Hi Kevin -

Time for me to put in my two cents to the Charman story.
I'm Gene (Eugene Charman) in Connecticut.

First, thanks for providing the web space for the Charman's to meet; it's a valuable service.
It's also a good way to put some of our research at the disposal of others who are interested in finding their place on the tree. I'm glad you took the initiative. Now, on with the story.

Below you will find an outline of part of my branch of the Charman tree. I have most of the documentation for the named individuals. Three generations of my family, including myself, have resided in the New Haven Connecticut area during the 1900's. The two generations before that resided in Arundel, West Sussex, UK from about 1850 to 1900. Before that they were in West
Chiltington and Thakeham, West Sussex, UK. There seems to have been very little movement away from the home area in West Sussex. Curiously enough, when George moved to Arundel (early 1850's) there were very few Charman's living there. He worked as a groom in the stables of the Duke of Norfolk.
When I visited Arundel about 10 years ago there were more than three pages of them in the phone book. Quite prolific!

In addition to the documentation of the Charman line I have quite a bit of information on the connecting branches in case the names are of interest to others. The Whitington line goes back to the late 1500's. Most of the records I have are from LDS microfilms of the originals.

Of particular interest to me is George Charman's wife, Louisa Langley. Her mother is a real mystery person. Let me give you a brief outline of that story. Louisa was born in 1831, daughter of Lydia Langley and father unknown. She was brought up in the family of Abraham and Charlotte Langley who lost a daughter Louisa Langley at age 1 year 3 months in 1830. Lydia is
not listed as a daughter of Abraham and Charlotte who are not young by standards of the time. There is no obvious birth record for Lydia, no death record, no census record. She appears out of nowhere, has a daughter (out of wedlock?), names the daughter after a recently deceased relative? and then disappears, leaving the child to be raised by: her grandparents?, her aunt and uncle? her cousins? Finding Lydia would be a real prize!

I'm hoping to get back to West Sussex soon; maybe this year if all goes well. I would enjoy meeting some of the UK "cousins" if anyone there recognizes a link on the tree.
Thanks again for providing the meeting place.


Eugene Charman

*HENRY 1699

*JOHN 1731

17??---- ? ------
*HENRY 1753
JOHN 1756
MARY 1758
SARAH 1760

HARRY 1786
EMY 1795

JAMES 1822
HENRY 1827
*GEORGE 1829
SARAH 1833
JOHN 1835
JOB 1844

1856--Horsham------- Lived in Arundel
ELLIS 1861
*ERNEST 1862
AGNES 1864
ALICE 1865
ARTHUR F. 1890
MURIEL (Agnes,Agatha) 1898

1888 NEW HAVEN CT ------
*GEORGE 1890
VIOLA 1897
MYRTLE (ANNA) 1900 (1901?)

1908--NEW HAVEN CT ------
*EUGENE 1909
LEOLA 1912

1933--NEW HAVEN CT--------

... end ............................................

Beverly Charman - (Phoenix, Arizona)
E-mail: bcharman@uswest.net

Hi. My name is Beverly Charman, second daughter of Robert Charman. I'm Chris Charman's cousin. His father, Howard, and I are first cousins. I'm also a cousin to William (Bill) O. Charman.

Howard Ross Charman, Sr. and Walter Charman, Sr. were brothers. My grandfather was Howard. He and my grandmother Mary Ruth moved to El Cajon, California (near San Diego) in the 1940's. They had 3 sons - Howard Ross, Jr. (Bill), John (Jack), and Robert (Bob). My father is the youngest, Bob. Uncle Jack is deceased, and Uncle Bill still lives in California. My grandmother did an extensive family history prior to her death (in 1969), prior to any computerized help. She was able to take the family back to 1775, on both her side (Murphy) and on the Charman side.

My sister, Jean, is the family history buff and is working on the genealogy through the LDS information and the information left by my grandmother.

My sister was the first female born into the Charman family (this branch) for 36 years, and then I came along. We have now have a few more girls, but this branch remains predominantly male.

My Mom is a fount of knowledge of this branch of the Charman family. If you would like any information, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Beverly Charman Phoenix, Arizona e-mail me at: bcharman@uswest.net

Ian Charles Charman - (Olympic Peninsula, Washington)
E-mail: Pilut@prodigy.net

I just found your site. It's great!.

My name is Ian Charles Charman and I currently live in a small town on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

I was born in Fulham, London in 1950. My father is Frederick Charles Charman, Born in London in 1916 and still going strong. I have one sister, Sheila Margaret Charman (now Chillingworth) born in London in 1957.

My own contribution to the name is in the form of three sons.
Clayton Charles Born 12/84 in Fort Worth, Texas
Devon Charles Born 1/91 in Phoenix, Arizona
Cameron Charles Born 9/94 in Lafayette, Louisiana

As is obvious, it is tradition in our branch of the family to give each male child the middle name of Charles.
Once again...Great site!.

Sylvia Charman Guthrie - USA
E-mail: sguthrie@massaudubon.org

Hi, my name is Sylvia Charman Guthrie. I was born in Alperton, England and came over to the States in 1970. My father was Arthur John Charman, born approx. 1884 to James and Alberta Charman (I think from the Ealing area). I have heard that James had a twin brother, but I do not know his name. My father had 2 brothers, Victor and Albert both of whom emigrated to the US right after WW 1, and 1 sister, Dorothy Maude Charman.

I have just found the Charman Family web page, but did not find any names that look as though they might be connected to "my" Charman family. So thought I'd go ahead and add my information - see if any new connections can be made.