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William Godwin-Toby - (Austria)
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I am originally from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada lived in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada and have been in Austria for 22 years.

My Charmans originate in Wisboroug Green, in Sussex, south of London. William Charman, born 1834 and Mary King had 13 children and I am slowly getting the lowdown on a good part of them. One, Mary Charman was my great grandmother. Others went to India and on to Calgary and Vancouver.

More to come....

Added 11/11/1997:

After seeing my section on the Charman home page, I decided to put some data in the block. Here are my basic Charmans. I have kept it small. There should be enough for anyone to identify their roots with. More details on dates and places can be obtained directly from me. Regards, Bill

sp-Elizabeth KNIGHT (Married 1824)
Elizabeth CHARMAN (1825)
Edward CHARMAN (1827)
Ann CHARMAN (1829)
Mary CHARMAN (1830)
Clara CHARMAN (1832)
William CHARMAN (1834-1898)
sp-Mary King COULSEN (1830-1909)
Edward CHARMAN (1856)
William CHARMAN (1857)
Mary CHARMAN (1859-1943)
sp-George COOK (1829-1908)
Harriet CHARMAN (1860)
Walter CHARMAN (1863-1903)
Elizabeth CHARMAN (1864)
Kate CHARMAN (1867)
Emma CHARMAN (1870-1961)
sp-Bert WADEY (1873-1955)
Arthur (Harry) CHARMAN (1874-1941)
sp-Sarah CARTER (1872-1928)
Percy CHARMAN (1874)
Edwin CHARMAN (1836)
Helen CHARMAN (1838)

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