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Doug Charman - (Alberta, Canada)

I started a family tree myself a few years ago and found that, although the name is rather unique in Canada/North America, it is quite common in England. When searching for weddings, I found about 4 or 5 Charmans got married every quarter during the time period that I was searching - late 1800's. I suppose we could be related, who knows. I've traced back to a Arthur William Charman b. around 1870 in Kent, I believe. He is my great great grandfather.

Frank Charman - (Nova Scotia, Canada)

This will be vague on my part for some things because I'm remembering some things that I have been told. I am the fourth person in my family to bear the name Frank Danell.

My Great Grandfather, Frank, used to live in Truro, Nova Scotia from what I can make out. Presently my Grandfather and my grandmother live in Bridgetown, NS. My Grandfather was a Dentist and had served in the Navy, I do believe. My Grandmother's maiden name was Flynn. My Grandparents do have some distant relation. They had three children, Frank, Thomas and Patricia. There are Charmans in Wallace, NS. I have never met them though, they are distant relatives. I know that I am related to Cameron's, but I do not know how that occurred.

John P. Charman - (Ontario, Canada)

I do recall being told that "someone" had traced the name back to the 1500's to a town somewhere in France.

My family came from the Westerham area in Kent, England, and many still live there but I have had no contact with anybody for many years. About all I can tell you is the following:

Father - James Charman 190? - 1982

Mother - Ethel Florence Charman nee Allen 191? - ?

Son 1 - John Philip Charman 1943

Son 2 - Alan James Charman 1945

Jamie Charman - (CANADA)

Wow! I just signed up to ICQ tonight and was led to this web site about Charman's and was so fascinated. I'm trying to find out information on my fathers side. My father was born in Canada Lionel Walter Charman born in 1921 to Lillian Daisy Charman {nee Barlass} and Walter Charman who was born around Surrey England in 1889.When my father was in the Second World War he fought in the British Army and tried to look up information on his father {Walter Charman} with no luck at all. We do have however a bit of information on his wife Lillian. We know that her grandfather was a John Hanover Sgt. Royal Artillery. Although this is not from the Charman family tree we hope that someone who knew some of her family would know about my grandfather Walter Charman. My name is Jamie Charman and I have four sisters and between us 10 children. My father also has a brother who I have never met named Basil Winter Charman and he also resides in Canada. All I know about Walter Charman is that our family history lies somewhere in England and he was born in what was then called Shamlee Green, England. Not much to go on but it would be interesting if anyone could help.

UPDATE - Link Found! - Thanks Bill.

The following message was passed onto Jamie Charman courtesy of William Godwin-Toby:

Hello Jamie Charman!

You are listed under Kevin Charmans "CHARMAN" homepage in CANADA. I am listed in "OTHER COUNTRIES" because I live in Austria, although born in Red Deer Alberta in 1948.

You indicated that you want more historical data on your grand-father, Walter Charman.

Here we go... Walter Charman was born in Shamley Green as you listed in 1889. His fathers name was James and his mothers name was Harriet. In the census of 1891, Walter is listed as the youngest of 6 siblings. His oldest brother, Henry, was 21 at the time, having already left home.

The grandest of all Charman researchers, John Charman has sent me this data after I provided him with a printout of all the pages on Kevin's site. John Charman does not have email. He is a retired policeman, aged about 65 (my guess) and has mounds of data on Charmans around the world. I have had the pleasure of buying his lunch about a month ago in a pub in Sussex which was owned by my GGGGrandfather, William Charman. We have shared a lot of data on the Charmans. Anyway............

He has asked me to send you the offer that he will fill in as many details for you on your tree as he can find. He does not charge for his time but if you wish to have any official certificates from the authorities, he would need reimbursing for those costs, about C$16 each.

His address is: 66 Sunnywood Drive, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4PB

Enjoy.. If you have a fax number, I can send you the basic data which John has sent to me. Or I can send you a photocopy if you send me a snail mail address.

Regards, Kevin's labours are paying off, eh! Bill G-T

William Godwin-Toby, Head of Finance and Budget International Institute for | Email: Applied Systems Analysis | Phone: +43 2236 807 529 A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria | Fax: +43 2236 807 466 World Wide Web:

The following reply was received by me:

Thank you so very much!. I am still so in awe and very grateful that you have done such a wonderful job with that web page. I put that post there so long ago that I really had lost hope. Again thanks! Jamie Charman

UPDATE: 2/23/2000

Hello Kevin,

I was just wondering if you could change my e-mail address that is listed on the Charman Homepage under Canada... it is now I have been in contact with John Charman and received some information from Bill Goodwin-Toby.It is very exciting and I look forward to the information that I am yet to find out.Thanks again for all the work you do to keep this page up for all of us!


Jamie Charman

Brian W Charman - (Ontario, Canada)

Hi, My name is Brian W Charman of Ontario Canada. My father is Wallace Howard Charman, his father was Howard Stanley Charman, and his father was Alfred J Charman. The only thing I know about Alfred Was that he was a soldier and fought in the Boor War. Howard Stanley Charman was the youngest in his family. He had a brother Bill and I believe two sisters. He had relatives in Ft. William, Bancroft and Long Branch Ontario. Anyone with more information can contact me at

Fred Charman - (Kelowna, BC, Canada)

Hi: My name is Fred Charman born in Regina Sask. Canada 16/07/30. My fathers name George William Charman born in Sussex England baptized in the Parish of Worplesdon (at St Lukes in the county of Surrey Mothers name Emma Charman (nee Windebank) My Grandfather had the same name George William, 1871 and was evidently a Brick Layer and beyond that time I don't have a clue.

Fred Charman, Kelowna Canada

Wayne Proctor - (Orangeville, Ontario Canada)

I am looking for information on William Frederick James Charmans father. William was born 15 Feb 1898 London, Ontario, Cda, married 13 Nov 1920 to Emily Elsie Tapp b. 09 Sept 1904 Hastings England, both died in Ontario. father of William was Alfred J? Charman b? Surrey England. Alfred was married to Annie Rose. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

John K. Charman - (London, Ontario, Canada)

Hi my name is John K Charman from London Ont my father is Phillip R Charman from Moncton New Brunswick His father was Millard Kempton Charman was from Wallace Nova Scotia he had 11 in family Maud Charman who married a Roah, next was Harry who moved out west.Anne Charman married grant,Grace who was a nurse ,Roy Charman who was a pharmacist,Marry Charman with Bell Canada,Mell Charman,Mill ,twins and worked as grocers,Jenn Charman teacher.John Charman who lived in Wallace Nova Scotia in the Lunberman. Henry Charman was father of these 11 children from Wallace Nova Scotia and England his wife was a Betts.

Thanks, John K Charman

Wayne Charman - (Napean, Ontario, Canada)

I came across the Charman family home page the other day and just wanted to thank you for putting this together. If I may, I thought I would relate a bit of a family mystery in my branch of the Charman family. Maybe somebody reading this will be able to offer some suggestions.

I have only recently begun researching my Charman ancestors, but so far I've managed to trace them back to my GGGrandfather, James Charman, who was born in 1835 in Dorking, Surrey. He married Jane May in 1860 and apparently they settled in Capel, Surrey. As best as I can tell, they had eight children, although there seems to be no mention of a couple of their children in the 1881 British census. Perhaps they died as infants or young children.

In any event, one of their children was my GGrandfather, Thomas Benjamin Charman, born in 1866. (In the International Genealogical Index he is identified as Benjamin Thomas Charman). He married Emily Snook, year unknown, and they had five children including my Grandfather, Douglas Gerald Charman, born December 2, 1893.

Douglas Charman married Dora Emily Jupp on Feb. 11, 1915, and a couple of weeks later, my father Cecil Harry Frederick Charman was born, on Feb. 24, 1915, in London.

Douglas Charman served with the British Army in World War I, and after the end of the war he returned home to his wife and son. Apparently he borrowed some money from his brother Cecil to set up some sort of business in London (according to some family sources he may have been a hairdresser), but never repaid it. One day, in 1922 or thereabouts, he suddenly disappeared without any advance warning, never to be seen or heard from again by his family. My father was 7 years old at the time.

My grandmother and father emigrated to Canada in 1925, with an uncle of Douglas Charman, and so a branch of the Charman family got established in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Since then, through my brother and myself, it has spread to the Ottawa area, where I live, and to Colorado in the United States, where my brother lives.

So the mystery I'm trying to solve is what happened to my Grandfather Douglas Gerald Charman after 1922? The facts I have to go on are essentially those I have related. The only other clue that I have is a rumour passed down through the years that he may have boarded a ship and gone to Australia. When I saw that there are quite a few Charmans in Australia, I thought maybe there was some possibility to that rumour after all.

Anyway, if you or anyone else has any suggestions as to how I might proceed, I'd love to hear back from you. Thanks in advance for any help you might have to offer.

Wayne Charman

Jeff Charman - (Nepean, Ontario)

Great job on the site, definately one of the best I have seen that is not cluttered with animated gifs and other annoying things. My father actually showed me this site. The model is what drew my attention since I have a sister with the same name and the same dream. I found it interesting. I don't know that much about this side of my family, but if you have any questions feel free to send me an email

Keep up the good work,

Jeff Charman
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Nepean, Ontario, Canada


Delaina Sadler - (Victoria, British Columbia)

My Charman line follows along with Pat Hart's (on your United Kingdom list) and includes James Charman and Caroline Lygett (Leggett). James and Caroline had a daughter, Emily Charman, who married James Hayward on 01 April 1878, Storrington, West Sussex.

Emily Charman and James Hayward, and 8 of their 12 children, settled in Alberta, Canada.

I am Emily Charman's Great Granddaughter.

Delaina Sadler
Victoria BC