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Clive Charman - (Adelaide, South Australia)

Some time in the last half of the 1800's four Charman brothers from Surrey, migrated to Australia, "probably had gold fever" they settled in the state of Victoria. However one of them decided to try his luck in the Californian gold fields. He like so many others was not successful, and eventually finished up in Utah, where he got involved with the Mormon Church. By all accounts he lived a life of extreme poverty, having many children, (whether all from the same wife?) One of them was my Grandfather, Charles Charman.

When he reached adulthood he was fed up with the life of poverty, and returned to the UK. He went into small business as a retail greengrocer in Birmingham and was reasonably successful. He had four children, Charles, Annie, Sydney, and Millie. Sydney was my father. Later on my Grandfather took up the life of a publican, I do not know when, but I have an oak smokers cabinet, with a brass plaque that states it was presented to him when he left the Billesley Arms in 1902. (Billesley is a suburb of B'ham).

He then went into the business of running a boarding house, and sometime in the early 20's moved to Cheltenham where he returned to the life of a publican, being the landlord of the "Kings Arms" until his death in 1930. I was born in Birmingham, and lived there apart from a seven-year spell in the Western Desert and Burma during the war. We migrated to Australia in 1964.

Incidentally the three brothers who stayed in OZ. became very successful landowners, There is a Charman church (Methodist) presented by them to the community. It is located in Charman Road, in a suburb of Melbourne.

A bit of trivia. In 1942 I was in a Salvation Army canteen in the Western desert, and during a discussion with an Ozzie digger and a New Zealander, discovered that all three of us were Charman's!

Added 12/26/1997:


Probably the greatest source of info on early Charman's.

John Charman
66 Sunnywood Drive
Haywards Heath.
West Sussex RH16 4PB
United Kingdom

He has done an enormous amount of research, going back into medieval times. Unfortunately he is not a computer buff, and I would suggest that anyone writing to him, includes a stamped addressed envelope for return mail.

Regards, Clive Charman.
Adelaide. South Australia.

Jim (James) Charman - (Busselton, Western Australia)

Only to pleased to pass any info you require, we have part of the Australian history of the CHARMAN's, mainly Western Australia, as that is where I come from, my wife is named Lynn, and Colin Charman is my son. It will be interesting to see what evolves. We are only new on the Internet and are still fumbling away, any help would be greatly appreciated, as well as any information on the Charman family history.

Lois Tomkins - Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

Hi Kevin,

Have about 414 individuals on my Charman file. Have made a GEDCOM file and endeavour to send it to you.

Hope they are of some use to you.


Lois. - Click here to download the GEDCOM file.

Lois Tomkins (nee Ferbrache) from Shepparton, Victoria. Australia.
Researching in Australia (after 1840 and England etc. before 1860).
Ferbrache, (Also Guernsey) Rasell, Allen, Harris, Salmon,
Flentjar (also Germany) Simmons, Ward, Ridley (Also Ireland), Charman,
Tomkins, Miles, Baker, Condon (also Ireland), Holland, Matthews, Benbow, Fancourt
Hodgson, Nichol, Bussell (Also Ireland), Douglass, Ellis, Pepper, Thomas

David Taylor (Gordon Charman) - West Ryde, NSW, Australia


My name is David Taylor but apparently, I was born Gordon Charman on May 20, 1965 in Fareham or Gosport, Hampshire in the UK.

I was adopted soon after birth by Iris and Brian Taylor, who incidentally have been MAGNIFICENT parents, but naturally enough I am as curious as can be about my parentage and lineage. According to family lore, my mother's name was Linda Edith Charman the daughter of a British Army Sergeant Major who was somewhat upset by the dalliance his daughter had had with a businessman whilst stationed with the British Army in Cyprus.

Apparently she would be about 59 years old now and if there is any one out there who knows her, please assure her that I bear absolutely no ill will towards her for having me adopted. Social mores were terribly different 33 years ago and I totally understand her decision.

However, having had no siblings, I am extremely curious to find out if I have any! Just the fact that there is an entire website devoted to the family name is a blast.

Anyone wishing to get in touch can contact me at or write me at 1/61 West Parade, West Ryde, NSW, 2114, Australia

Talk to you soon!


UPDATE May 8, 2000

Dear Kevin

Thank you for your wonderful website. I first discovered it some years ago (1998?) and put a posting up regarding my search for my biological Charman family.

Unfortunately, I lost the Bookmark a couple of PCs ago and then couldn't find the site, yada yada yada. Anyway, I received a letter today from my biological Aunt Doreen!!!!!!!!!!!!

After nearly 35 years - to say I'm overwhelmed just doesn't cut it I'm afraid. But please let me thank you so much for being the agency through which they found me.

Many many thanks

Your fellow Charman

David Taylor

Mary Straiton - Australia

The only information I have about CHARMAN is:

CHARMAN (SHU(R)MAN), George, b.1814 (England), arr. 6.10.1829 per Lotus. Indentured labourer to Abraham Morgan.


CHARMAN, Louisa b.1806 d.28.3.1869 (Fremantle, WA) m. William WOOD(S), b. 1799 (Suffolk), brother of Jesse, son of Edward & Mary (nee White), arr. 6.10.1829 per Lotus. Chd. John William b.1822, d.1900, Jane b.1824, George b.1823/26, Maria b.1828. He was a shepherd in Latour's party of settlers. Listed in York Census 1859 as a shepherd employed by George Christmass. His wife lived at Fremantle. He owned 40 acres in Avon district 1867. Illit. C/E

Louisa is ggggmother of my grandchildren.

Would you like a GEDCOM of the Louisa's descendants?

Hope to look at your page when I get on line next.

Cheers Mary

Dale & Dianne Charman - Australia
E-mail: d&

Found your website while browsing and found it quite interesting. I am a direct decendant of the Charman brothers to arive in Australia early last century. To my knowledge they where shipped to Australia not as convicts like most were, but as labourers to farm for a man whose last name was Henty.

They eventually took up there own land in and around what is now known as Dandenong and Cheltenam (suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.). I cant remember which brother I am related to. My grandfathers brother has put together quite a comprehensive book on the brothers and thier
decendents. His name is Sidney Charman. If you would like more information on this please contact me, it is quite a fascinating read.


Dale James Charman

Richard Powell - Australia

I would like to post a letter of your website.
I have Charman ancestors and I notice that Kate from London thought she may have a Welsh connection. I hope the following will help.

Sarah Jane Charman born Llanrwst Wales 1871, and married in Chirk Wales 1894, daughter of James Charman and Isabella Brown. James was born in Dorking, Surry, England. about 1845, James was a game keeper in Wales. His father was Stephen. Isabella died in 1873 and James remarried someone named Sarah and moved to Shropshire.

Richard Powell

Nicola Harakos - Australia

I was looking at your web site about the Charman family tree. I have just started to trace my family tree and have been lucky with some of the information as i have been given the family bible that was my great great grandfathers and mothers. His name was Soloman Charman and he Married Mary Marchant on the 30th of April 1870. Soloman was born 7th October 1843, What I am trying to find out now is if he had any brothers or sisters. Soloman and Mary had 8 children the youngest being John Charman Born 1st of May 1886 and died 15th of April 1912 on the Titanic - thanks to the link on your web site to the Titanic list i discovered he was a saloon steward - before this all i knew is that he was on it - i assumed as a passanger. I have only been able to follow the tree down through Soloman George Charman the eldest son of Soloman and Mary. Soloman George Charman Born 11th of March 1871 married Grace Phillips on the 5th April 1899. They had 4 daughters the youngest being Mary Charman Born 11th March 1914. This is my grandmother. If you have any information which may help me track my tree further, I would be very greatful. Hope to hear from you soon.


Update 11/12/1999

The address you have for me is my husbands. I am looking forward to your reply as I am very interested in the important information you have for me. Thank you also for letting me know about the letter that John Charman sent you, I found it very very helpful. I have spoken to my Grandmother and she told me she has got a photo of Soloman Charman 12.11.1843 D 30.8.1899. She said that she will send it over to me as she is in England and I am in Australia. If I am able to I will send a copy of it on to you.


Nicola Harakos